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All Star Dance!                                 May 24-July 12
    3 - 6 years old
    7 - 10 years old
Cardio Line Dancing                        May 24-July 12
Adult Fitness Classes - Summer I   May 23 - July 15
Walk Kansas                                                  June 1
Co-Rec Sand Volleyball League       June 4-July 30
Jr Rocket Basketball Camps                      June 6-9
    1st - 2nd grades
    3rd - 5th grades
    6th - 8th grade Boys
    6th - 8th grade Girls
Youth Horse Riding Camp #1                     June 6-8
Guitar Lessons                                          June 6-27
    Guitar Essentials
    Beginning Guitar
RHRC Wingnuts Baseball Clinic                  June 14
Rocket High School Wrestling Camp      June 13-16
Artist In Me                                       June 13-July 25
3D Art                                               June 13-July 25
Making a Masterpiece Art Class       June 13-July 25
Actors Studio + Craft                        June 14-July 28
Summer Rec Games                         June 14-Aug 2
Archery Class #1                              June 15-July 20
Escape Club                                       June 15-July 6
Game Club                                         June 15-July 6
Hot Wheels Speedometry                  June 15-July 6
Artist Open Studio                            June 16-July 21
Wingnut Summer Day Camp Trip                 June 16
RHRC RHHS Golf Team 4-Person Scramble Fundraiser Golf Tournament                  Sat, June 18
Jr Rocket Football Camp                         June 20-23
Youth Horse Riding Camp #2                  June 20-22
Jr Rocket Volleyball Camps                    June 20-23
    3rd - 6th grades
    7th - 8th grades 
Sedgwick County Zoo Trip                          June 23
OK KIDS DAY                                              June 25
CPR Training                                                June 26
Fishing Clinic                                                June 28
Get Air! Trip                                                  June 30
Freedom Cookie Feast                                 June 30
Co-Rec Sand Volleyball Tournament               July 3
RHRC Ice Cream Social & Fireworks              July 4
Youth River Rat Float Trip                                July 7
Theater Art & Cooking                               July 11-14
Rocket Middle School Football Camp       July 11-14
Guitar Lessons                                     July 11-Aug 1
      Guitar Essentials
      Beginning Guitar
Blastball                                               July 12-Aug 4
Summer Dodgeball                                        July 13
Summer Dodgeball                                        July 20
Dart Warz Trip                                               July 21
Network4Ballers Basketball Camps         July 25-27
    Shooting Camp - 3rd - 5th grades
    Shooting Camp - 6th - 8th grades
    Ball Handling Camp - 3rd - 5th grades
    Ball Handling Camp - 6th - 8th grades
Jr Rocket Soccer Camps                        July 25-28
    Tiny Rockets 3 years to K
    1st - 2nd grade
Adult Fitness Classes                       July 25-Sept 16
Cardio Line Dancing                        July 26-Sept 13
All Star Dance!                                 July 26-Sept 13
    3 - 6 years old
    7 - 10 years old
Safe Sitter Babysitting Certification Class     July 26
Ice Skating Trip                                             July 28
Jr Rocket Soccer Camp 3rd - 8th grade      Aug 1-4
Archery Class #2                                 Aug 3-Sept 7
Summer Dodgeball                                         Aug 3
Youth Volleyball League                           Aug - Oct
Mother/Son River Rat Float Trip                    Aug 4
Co-Rec Softball League                    Aug 20-Oct 22
KC Chiefs vs Jacksonville Jaguars NFL Trip Nov 6

If you are a current RHRC Adult Fitness Class participant and you refer a friend or relative who is new or has not registered for an RHRC Adult Fitness Class in the last year, RHRC will reward you with a 50% discount on your next fitness class with RHRC. Pick up a Referral Card from the RHRC Office or Aerobic Studio.  

Give this card to the person you are referring and have them submit the card to the RHRC office when they register for their new class. RHRC will then keep the card until you register for your next class. You are responsible for asking for the discount at the time of registration. Make sure to write your name and also the name of the person you are referring.